Book It’s About the Customer, Not the Product

The Book It’s About the Customer, Not the Product

Unlock your sales potential with relationship selling with the book ‘It’s About the Customer, Not the Product’ is designed to help novice sales professionals transition from product-oriented sales to relationship-based selling. Based on my years of experience in leading and teaching hundreds of sales representatives over a period of 25+ years, this book shows a roadmap for achieving success in intentional selling.

Elevate Your Sales Approach

This book is designed by Author Joseph Clarke for sales representatives moving on from product sales, specifically in the field of business equipment and services, focusing on meeting their needs. This guide, “It’s About the Customer, Not the Product,” provides valuable tools and strategies for individuals experienced in managing large territories and short sales cycles, along with those new to long-term relationship selling. It is designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills to succeed in their roles.

Create Trust, Provide Value 

In the context of intentional selling, the most important part is to synchronize the demands of your customers with the value proposition that you and your business can offer. This publication highlights the significance of active listening, which allows you to effectively understand your customers’ communication, including verbal and nonverbal cues. 

The Roadmap to Relationship Selling

The book is divided into concise chapters, each providing clear and reader-friendly sections that can be easily read or listened to. The chapters presented here clearly manifest my broad leadership expertise and the insights gained from teaching countless sales representatives.

Master Relationship Building Techniques

The first three chapters provide valuable groundwork, defining the fundamental principles of intentional selling. In this book, you will study the value-based strategy of aligning your customers’ requirements with your unique value. By developing expertise in attentive listening, you’ll uncover the true essence of your customer’s explicit and implicit needs.

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