About Author Joseph Clarke

About Joseph Clarke

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Joseph M. Clarke profile, the sales guru who can make you laugh till your sides ache!

A charming salesman, Joseph Clarke has led sales teams ranging from 6 to 1200 people. Sales, conversion, and deals are his domain. Joseph M Clarke has dominated medical sales for 28 years, making even the most serious surgeon grin. He led his sales staff from product-centricity to solution-baseness, launching remarkable products. It worked out well! Sales went from $400 million to $12 billion under Joseph’s spell! That’s a lot of zeros.

More About Joseph Clarke

 Joseph noticed a strange change in incoming sales agents’ backgrounds as he oversaw a larger, more complex sales organization. Many of these newcomers had never left their immediate family and friends, whether due to cultural norms or a lack of possibilities.

When Joseph preached about creating relationships with potential clients, imagine their confusion! They wondered if they were in an interpretive dance seminar by mistake. “Where’s the sales pitch?” they said, unaware of personal connection’s value in business.

Joseph took charge. He used his comic abilities to teach these newbies. He taught them that sales are about building lasting relationships with a sparkle in his eye. Joseph Clarke has wrote an book name “It’s About the Customer, Not the Product